Catch the Fire

They’re dragons. Kind of fairy tale birds. My daddy read about them to me when I was a little younger than you. I was convinced dragons were real.”

Playing with Fire

“Hell of a way to buy it,” Cody murmured. “Done in by a donkey.”


“Emotionally, you’re hiding. You have no social life outside your net friends. Our neighbors would love to see you, but you barely go into town.”

Diamond and Ice

A fire was one of nature’s least controllable elements. He could get burned so badly that being frozen might be a blessing.

Strike the Fire

She really liked the graphics she had chosen. The sweeping lines from front to back reminded her of wings, of freedom to go where and when she chose.

Chase the Fire

“Store that promise in that busy brain of yours. Poke it all you want but it isn’t going to change. You are in my country now and we take care of our own.”

Lacey Dancer has been writing contemporary romance novels for quite a number of years now. Below is a listing of the books that are currently available that you can print off and take with you to the library or purchase online. There are links to the series pages with a brief synopsis of each of the books and clickable pictures that will take you to the Amazon page to purchase the paperback and/or eBook version of those titles.

Lacey is working on converting all of the stories over to audiobooks as well. Once that is complete the links will be updated.

The Pippa Series
Choices – Book 1 – 2013
Diamond and Ice – Book 2 – 2016

The Live Oak Series
Chasing the Fire – Book 1 – 2015
Playing with Fire – Book 2 – 2017
Strike the Fire – Book 3 – 2018
Catch the Fire – Book 4 – 2020

The Truth Series
Truth Kills – 2019

Non-Fiction Books by Sydney Clary (AKA Lacey Dancer)
Care Giving: Real Life Answers – 2014