Chase the Fire – Book 1 – 2015

From the moment Miranda Major realized the only thing she had of her own was her name, she had a fire in her heart to create a life of success, achievement, financial security and, most important of all, a home of her own. In her drive to succeed, she loses sight of the most essential items on her list.

Suddenly, a stalker rips apart her professional success and her sense of security. A whim, a desperate need to escape the man trying to kill her, takes her from the sun-drenched beaches of South Florida to the farmland of North Florida. Tractors, trucks and tall, lean men with slow southern drawls replace the tanned, buffed urban males she had known.

A choice, a country road taken, a cantankerous donkey and a green-eyed man with a voice meant for hot sultry nights challenge her to stop running. The fire that had driven her to succeed against all odds blazes again. She was not a woman to be beaten by fate.

The stalker waits in the shadows ready to strike again…

And the man with the voice to whisper secrets at midnight stands beside her. Could she believe the life she had always wanted was only a heartbeat away?

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Chase the Fire