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Press Kit

For those in the media, we have created a press kit for Lacey Dancer. Below are 2 short introductions you can use. We have included the latest promotional picture for the author below. However, due to the limitations of the software for the website it keeps compressing the pictures to smaller sizes and resolutions. We have created a ZIP file that you can download with each of the pictures in their original sizes and resolutions for you to use in your advertising, promotions, and/or articles about the author.

Short and Sweet Introduction: (50 Words)

International, Award-Winning Romance and Suspense Author, Sydney Clary a.k.a. Lacey Dancer, has written and published over 36 books so far. The latest books are in the Live Oak Series – a romance, suspense set in North Florida; The Truth Series – international thriller, suspense; and the Pippa Series – backlist enhanced and republished.

Medium Length Introduction (100 words)

International, Award-Winning Romance and Suspense author, Sydney Clary a.k.a. Lacey Dancer, has written and published over 36 books over her lifetime. She is working on adding 20 or 30 more to the count as well as bringing her backlist into the 21st century. Currently, she is concentrating on writing stories in two new series. The first is called the Live Oak Series which is a romance/suspense story set in North Florida. The second is The Truth Series, a thriller/suspense series set in Montana and other places around the world. Finally, she is enhancing and republishing the very popular Pippa Romance series.

Longer Biography – included with DOWNLOAD PACKAGE below

Latest Promotion Picture of Author

This file has been compressed down to a smaller size and resolution. When you right-click and save you can view the property’s box for more information

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Press Kit Promo Author Picture Large


Inside the zip File, there are two PDF files with 2 different versions of longer biographies that you can read through and use.

There is a folder with the different sizes of her latest promotional picture
4608×3456 JPEG 24-Bit 300 DPI 7871 KB
1200×900 JPEG 24-Bit 300 DPI 405 KB
300×225 JPEG 24-Bit 300 DPI 39 KB

There is also a folder with the book covers of all her currently published fiction books
All have been resized to 800×1200 JPG 24-Bit 300 DPI 300 to 500KB


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