Strike the Fire – Book 3 – 2018

Lydia & Max: When they meet, the fire strikes…Raised in a cold emotional wasteland, Lydia North knew she would escape no matter what it took. She would build, create structures of light and warmth. The environment was too important to ignore. But most of all, she would make her company her family. She paid the price for her success in a male-dominated field. Her world was near perfect. Her friend Randi, with her lover Archer, was creating a life-changing project in Live Oak. They offered Lydia a chance to build their dream and invest in the future. Max Greene was also invited. Larger than life, not one to suffer fools quietly, he not only invests but decides to check out his investment. Sparks fly between the two when they meet. Neither expects the other. Both are sure that they have exactly what they want and need. Nature has other ideas. Two hurricanes, a bomb, and a daring rescue show them just what the future can hold if they are willing to step into the flames…

Kindle and Paperback

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Strike the Fire