Choices – Book 1 – 2013

Lorelei Starke is on the edge of becoming an Olympic gold medalist when a traffic accident destroys a lifetime of blood, sweat, tears, hopes, and dreams. The doctors aren’t sure she will ever walk again. She is scarred physically inside and out. The media, scenting blood, hound her with speculations and questions. Her aunt Pippa comes to her as she lays in her hospital bed, challenging her to prove the doctors wrong.

“Come home with me. You are alive. It is your choice how you live your life now.”

One morning, after weeks of physical therapy, Pippa issues another challenge. She gives Lorelei a horse, a beautiful Arabian, Mystic. On horseback, Lorelei can move with a fluidity and grace that she no longer has and will never have again.

A chance encounter with a man and a lost dog in the early dawn hours of a foggy morning in Georgia opens a door to the world she has left behind.

Alex Kane is a workaholic who is wondering why he allowed his doctor and personal friend to convince him to give a retreat from his high powered lifestyle a chance. So, what if he had elevated blood pressure. They had pills for that sort of thing. He could join a health club for more exercise. He had built his company from the ground up. He could handle a health change. He was not cut out for the rural life or taking care of the dog that had somehow adopted him.

Now, he was lost in the fog looking for the damn dog. A beautiful woman on a gray horse emerges out of the mists. She didn’t speak but she does guide him home. With more questions than answers, he attends a party. He meets his rescuer again. Her name is Lorelei.

Suddenly, the backwoods of Georgia have more appeal. Lorelei calls to him in ways no woman ever has. Her needs, her nerves, her scars touch a part of him he didn’t know existed.
Lorelei can’t ignore Alex, can’t continue in her isolation, and isn’t sure she can survive in the world he calls home.

She has fought so hard for the life she has created. Alex is offering her another future. Was she strong enough to take his hand and step into that future?

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