Sydney Ann (Cook) Clary (wiki) is an American author of contemporary and historical romance novels, who wrote under the pen names Sara Chance, Sherry Carr, Sydney Ann Clary and Lacey Dancer.

She won the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in 1991-1992 for Series Romance Love and Laughter. Romantic Times awarded her a second Career Achievement Award in 1996 for Series Romantic Adventure. Romantic Times described Dancer’s novel Silke as “a dazzling, richly intense love story brimming with fascinating characters, sharply imaginative plotting and irresistible romantic suspense”.

Many of her early books were published by Meteor in their Kismet line of category romances. The final title in her Pippa series was ready to be shipped to bookstores when Meteor suddenly folded. The orphaned novel, Many Faces of Love, was published in 2003 when Lacey created her own publishing company, Clear Ice Publishing – read more about her past titles on her wiki page by clicking on her name above.

From her Amazon Author Page

Lacey Dancer is one of many names for Sydney Clary. Born in Alabama, her first word was Hi. Catholic school taught her the advantage of following the rules until she left home at eighteen.

The rebellion was never the issue. Wanting to try everything was. Love speed, try flying over the water in an offshore racing boat or learning the intricacies of speed shifting from a NASCAR driver. Want to learn to ride horses? Start with a horse that bucks. “The trail boss had to cut my hands out of the mane. I was not coming off.”

Run out of books? “I’ll just write my own.” No training and no real thought about what I was doing, I picked up a pencil and paper and got to work. I had such fun. The characters just grabbed me by the pencil and yanked me into their world.

The day I finished I had a book order to collect. The owner of the store was a friend and asked what I had been doing. She had just been talking to a woman who had started a writers club. I could go and listen to other people writing books. Here was a source I had never considered.

So off I went, clutching my story in hand. Nobody mentioned I would have to read ten pages of what I had written. I wanted to hide under the couch when the leader said, “let’s hear yours”. The couch was too low so I couldn’t hide there. I read. No one said a word. The silence was awful. My writing had to be too.

The minute the meeting was over I was ready to bolt. The host must have known. She got between me and the door. I swear she was part quarter horse cutting a hapless calf from the herd. “I’ll send this to my agent”. With those words, she plucked my story out of my hands and I escaped. I sold four books that year.

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