Lacey Dancer

Truth Series

Felicity Ramsey could be anyone. Your best friend? Your worst enemy? She moved through the shadows without making a sound, no warning given. She was a hunter. She had been taught from the cradle how to seek her prey and make the kill. She hated killing but she killed. Her prey was the monster who could escape the law, could hide in plain sight from justice.

Evidence and alibis could be manufactured. Governmental lines could become borders over which the law could not pass. The monsters were many. She was just one. But there were more. The human weapons trained and formed by governments to fight wars with no real winners. Men and women who could not forget the lethal skills they had learned and reenter the world that they had fought to protect.

Skye Farm and Skye/Sea were born, created on her own private mountain. The Farm was home and haven to those lost warriors who no longer had a place in civilization. Their skills and training were sought and valued by the government and the private sector.

Secure on her mountain, Felicity sought the monsters the law could not catch or exact retribution. She worked alone until one man, Ace Faulkner faced her in a room with a friend beaten to near death lying on the floor between them.
Ace had a choice. Shoot to kill? Or holster his gun?

Felicity had a choice. Trust the man? Or save the woman at her feet?

One choice made. Two guns laid aside to save a life.

Two loners, working together.

TRUTH KILLS- Book 1 – 2019

TRUTH TELLS – Book 2 – 2020
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