Lacey Dancer

Pippa Series

Pippa, an aunt, a friend, a writer. Following rules, unless they are her own, is so not on her agenda. She writes and values her solitude. Birthdays, specifically hers, are not to be celebrated. Have a permanent man in her life is a complication she can happily forgo. However, her relatives and friends might just need a little help in finding a life partner. And she loves a challenge.

Tragically injured, hiding from the world, her niece. Lorelei is the first to discover how ingenious a loving, determined woman can be. Pippa issues a challenge. The doctors are positive Lorelei will never walk again. Pippa dares Lorelei to prove them wrong. Come live with me and rebuild your life. Needing a place to recover, Lorelei accepts the challenge.

When a workaholic male appears in the neighborhood, Pippa takes his measure and makes her plans. The impossible becomes very possible.

Pippa decides that her plans worked so well with Lorelei, she really must do something about her nephew, Jason. The Iceman faces the frozen wasteland of his life as Pippa adroitly maneuvers him into meeting Diana Diamond. Diana shuns the spotlight and Jason lives for it. Opposites are so much fun to match, especially as the sparks fly. Yes, she definitely has her hands full with these two but she is up for the challenge.

With two successes to her personal credit, Pippa decides on a trip, a thirteen-day cruise. Wow, Lilah is like a wounded creature, hiding from the media, shrinking from the least contact. Pippa reaches out even as she is discovering her own match in Joshua Luck.

Joshua is stunned at the woman who challenges and entices with every word, every move. Following her thought processes is like chasing a rabbit on steroids. Pippa is like no woman he has ever met. She makes her own rules, delves into lives, meddling, and arranging with such heart it is impossible not to admire her tactics even as he deals with his reaction to her.

She makes the rules, breaks the rules, and dares everyone with whom she comes in contact to reach for their every wish and dream. The bigger the challenge, the happier Pippa is. Impossible is a word she doesn’t recognize and no is a word she ignores.

What’s a man to do with a woman like that? Marry her? Spend his life wondering what she will do next? Who she will decide needs her special matchmaking touch?

Choices – Book 1 – 2013

Diamond and Ice – Book 2 – 2016

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