Virtual Appearance for Truth Tells

Virtual Appearance for Truth Tells

I and my team have been experimenting with new ways to share information about my books. I am very excited about this video we have created for Truth Tells. Jolene, my media magician, has been experimenting with animation effects.

Recently, I  have accepted an invitation to do a virtual appearance at the Sunshine State Book Festival on January 30, 2021. With the new work we have been doing with my promotion, we are putting together a really fun piece featuring Erin and me for a fifteen minute read. We chose Truth Tells since it is my most recent release.

Erin Jones is new to the team. I love her work with Truth Kills, the first book of the Truth Series and her audio of Playing with Fire, the second book in the Live Oak Series. We chose to do an excerpt from Truth Tells even though the audio version is not quite ready yet. Because of Covid, audio production has slowed a bit but I will have Truth Tells available as soon as possible. Because we want the completed appearance to have its premiere at the event, you will have to wait just a bit to see our final take.


We will be using Erin’s  narration preceded by an introduction by me featuring my donkeys and one of my tractors. I do have a working farm and  I am often asked about where I get my ideas. Many of them come when I am doing my chores. Driving around on the big green machine was certainly the birthplace of the Live Oak Series.

Anyone reading Playing with Fire, Lucy and Alex’s story, is getting a good look at my first reaction to my tractor that I call Mama. I was a city girl but I learned the fun and the challenge of farm life. I don’t have a rooster to wake me at dawn but sometimes one of the girls brays as a hint that breakfast is late.


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