Readying the Farm for Winter

Readying the Farm for Winter

Winter around here slows down certain chores but not all. In many ways, it adds to the list. Since this year is a year of challenges and problems, I decided I wanted to give myself a bit of a reward for coping without screaming.

A vacation. Just because traveling was out didn’t mean I couldn’t have my fun right here. I wanted to wake up in the morning knowing I could write all day, post to my various social media sites and, in general, relax and have fun.

With that idea firmly inĀ  the forefront of my mind, I made a list of things left to do, items that should have taken months to complete. Bench seating around the lake freshened –Done. Lake bank mowed and trimmed — Done. Four tractors washed and trailered to the dealer for winter servicing — Done. Water garden cleared and replanted — Done. Vegetable garden cleared and readied for winter planting — Done. House windows cleaned — Done. House, equipment sheds & screened area pressure cleaned — Done. Finally, the tool shed cleaned and reorganized — Done.

At 12:30 Friday, my list was completed and I sat in one of the golf carts under a tree and stared at the beginning of a vacation that would stretch into the second week of 2021. Every one of my stiff and sore muscles were whimpering Thank You.

Saturday was a sleep in day and today was too. The difference is the stiffness is gone and I am playing on my laptop with nothing to do but to enjoy catching up with social media, minus a good deal of the political stuff and lining up my posts here.

I have so many ideas for the blog, stuff I haven’t tried before. Oh, I forgot. I also decorated for Thanksgiving. We have much to be thankful for this year. Everyone I know has gotten through this covid mess without getting sick. We are doing the mask and shield thing and limited travel. Because of the last, I am learning the fun of Zoom and facetime. Not the same as being with those who matter in person but I love being able to see them when we talk.

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