Sunshine State Book Festival Today

Sunshine State Book Festival Today

This morning is beginning with ice in the Sunshine State of Florida. However, neither ice nor cold can keep writers and readers from celebrating books and the art of creating them. This year The Sunshine State Book Festival is going virtual. Each of the writers participating has created videos about themselves and their books.

My video begins with the Farm since so many of you have asked about it. Since each of us was asked to showcase our work, I chose the most recent of my series, the Truth Series.

Truth Kills

Erin Jones Voice Over ActressInstead of me reading from one of my titles, in this case, Truth Tells, Erin Jones, the narrator for my audiobooks and the voice of Lacey Dancer, is taking us aboard Felicity’s jet as she races across the sky to rendezvous with Taranda who is red-lining her helicopter to the meet. There isn’t enough time to risk the full flight back to base.

One of the extraction team for three hostages has been shot.  Cam is dying. Every second counts and every man and woman on the team knows it. Join us and watch, listen and feel the urgency on the life or death flight and the courageous efforts of those on board the chopper to keep Cam alive long enough to reach help.

Truth Tells

Included in the virtual tour will be awards won by various authors and interesting backgrounds and interests. With covid changing so much of our lives, I am delighted to be included in the group that the organizers of this event have gathered together. We were encouraged to create our own videos rather than adhere to a certain format. Each is unique to each author and for me, such an interesting peek into other writers, lives, and books. This attention to detail and diversity has created a very special event that can be enjoyed safely. Come join us, meet the authors at the Sunshine State Book Festival.

If you have any questions or just want to chat about writing, please use my contact form to leave a message. I love hearing from all of you and I answer all comments personally.


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