Love Is In The Air In February

Love Is In The Air In February

The Live Oak Series is one of my favorite series because the town does exist in more than my imagination. Romance is a major player in this group of six books. February celebrates romance. So, what better way to celebrate the month than to curl up with a romance book while the cold weather whirls and swirls outside?

Book One of the Live Oak Series, Chase the Fire, introduces us to the small north Florida town, a farming community that has a long history of self-sufficiency and commitment to the land and to family. Like many small towns across the country, Live Oak is working to survive as it enters the twenty-first century. Progress is necessary but no one wants to lose the values and life that has sustained the county and city for so long.

Archer Channing and his lifelong friend, Alex Weston has a plan. It involves the whole community and a group of newcomers who are as committed to building into the future as they are.

Miranda Major is the first to arrive. With a stalker trailing her, Miranda, an urban woman with no family, discovers just what a determined man and a close-knit community can do when one of their own is threatened. With the help of a donkey named Jay, Randi finds a new world and a new life.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐This was my first book by Lacey Dancer and I loved it! Living in a small town, the Live Oak series hits home and is very relatable. I like books with strong independent women characters and Randi and Lucy are just that, with some sweet strong men to watch over them. Just love me some hot cowboys! By leaving the town she loves to get away from her stalker, Randi finds her true self and blossoms with Archer. I loved the mystery of trying to figure out who the stalker was and the author gives you just enough of the heat to make the romance a simmering burn. Jay the donkey was a hoot and had me laughing out loud! Can’t wait to get more of the Live Oak series.

Book Two of the Live Oak Series, Playing with Fire, brings Alex Weston and Lucy Winters together as the plans of the development of the town continue. A confirmed urbanite Lucy, “I am so not driving a tractor. I don’t care if it is air-conditioned”, discovers just how persuasive a sleek, elegant even in his jeans, farmer can be. Alex lives in two worlds, the sophisticated world of business and the agricultural demands of his home and heritage. Lucy is a woman who can match him on every level. He is a man who cut his teeth on impossible odds. He does not lose no matter what the challenge, an assassin, a multi-phase community development program, or a woman who thinks the only good boots are ones with six-inch heels.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This is the second book in the Live Oaks Series and the reader is gifted with how Lucy, A confirmed city dweller, and Alex, An apparent country farmer, journey toward a compromise and a future. Throw in some suspense and their love becomes more spicy. Thoroughly enjoy how this author pens characters and setting with communities that entice the reader to want to know more about them as the pages progress. Humor and sparky dialogue along with romance make this a book to enjoy in one sitting. Looking forward to more tales in this series.

This series is so much fun to write and it certainly expanded as I have completed each book. I had intended only three books in the beginning but the characters just kept growing and whispering ‘write me‘ in my ears.

I just had to listen and respond. Also, I am having a great time watching the town of the fictional Live Oak evolve into the twenty-first century. The real Live Oak is also making that transition. Daily, I can see changes in the town as newcomers arrive, new shops open and the roads have more cars added to the trucks and livestock trailers. I love it when fiction mimics reality or reality mimics fiction. In this case, I’m not sure which came first.

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