First Monday of the New Year

First Monday of the New Year

This year is already starting out better for me than 2020. I was going to work on finishing the fifth book of the Live Oak Series over the weekend. I had plenty of time to write before the football games on Sunday so I popped my laptop in my lap and clicked on my Microsoft Word icon. Next thing I knew, I was staring at a new document that wasn’t Light the Fire, Jennifer and Cody’s book.

Instead, I was looking at a new title, Truth Conquers, apparently the third book in the Truth Series. The prologue began with a flash and a demand to keep writing. The words zipped across the page as though they had been waiting for me to finally put my fingers on the computer keys.

Felicity is in the process of meeting an owner of a brothel for the purpose of buying a few young girls. He thinks.

Not so. In minutes, the owner and his enforcer are dead and Felicity is rescuing Taranda and four other girls. Five more lives saved and Taranda finds a new home. What Felicity doesn’t count on is that home is on the Farm as one of the team. I can’t wait to see what happens next since Taranda is fifteen years older at the beginning of the first chapter. And so the third book of the series begins…..

The only problem is that Jennifer is getting ready for two weddings and a Welcome Home From Your Honeymoon party. Things are heating up quite nicely between Cody and Jennifer. Cody is handling the law and order side of things in Live Oak while the local bad boy turned inmate is planning a jailbreak with a side of revenge. If a few people get hurt along the way, well, that’s just fine and dandy.

Now, definitely isn’t the time for me to be thinking about Felicity and company with the residents of Live Oak zipping around like fireflies on a hot summer evening. I guess I’ll know which book is stronger when I open Microsoft Word. I am not betting on either one. The way they are pulling at me, I might be working on both!


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