Holiday Shopping Time Is Here

Holiday Shopping Time Is Here

I am really not much of a shopper. I’m the kind who carefully makes a list, zips into the store of choice, and picks up what I want. If I don’t find it, I keep shopping until I do. I also don’t do token gifts. I want a gift to mean something, to let the person I am shopping to know how important he or she is in my life.  2020 has created challenges for all of us in all areas of our lives. Holiday shopping is no exception.

Having said that, I find a lot of my friends are artists of one kind or another. Stained glass, painting, calligraphy, and, of course, authors. Every year, I grab my list which includes the favorite genres of each author and I have the delightful task of getting books for each one. The in-hand copies are my favorites because of the autographing possibilities.

This year I am adding a little something extra to my site for those who would like to give hard copy books to friends. Autographed copies have always been available but this year the inscription, personalized for you if you wish, will be in calligraphy. The signature is mine. There is no extra charge for autographing.

Just go to the home page, click on Autographed Books, and follow the easy steps to get your copies. There is a running count of the number of books available for each title.

Wishing everyone, happy holidays. Please stay safe and healthy.


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