Writing on the Farm

Writing on the Farm

This last week as been very busy at the Farm. We are getting ready for this area of Florida’s winter. One of the chores I wanted to complete was the water garden. It had become very overgrown during the heat of the summer. The waterfall had almost disappeared under the ferns. Since this setting is a favorite haunt of mine, a real place to relax and recharge, I thought a landscape facelift was in order. 

This was not a little task. It took days of work and redesigning since I wanted flowers this time around instead of ferns.

I have no will power when it comes to anything that has to do with plants so that meant multiple trips to various nurseries.  This photo is the  first excursion but definitely not the last. I am so glad to finally finish the project and just enjoy the result. This is my first stop most mornings. I lay out plots, try out dialogue to the rhythm of the waterfall and the rising sun.

The only thing I don’t do is stretch out of the couch at the end of long day. I learned that lesson early when I was putting together the furniture I had ordered on line. I was tired by the time I finished so I laid on the new couch, just to try it out. That was the last thing I remembered until I awoke at one in the morning. It was a beautiful night sky, dotted with diamond stars and no a hint of moonlight. It was DARK!

There were no lights on anywhere. I was very glad I could swim since the pond isn’t shallow. Fortunately, I stumbled my way indoors without getting wet. I’m planning on adding that little adventure to one of my plots in the Live Oak Series. Maybe I will let the person involve enter the pool with a yelp and a curse. Who knows?




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