Saturday Morning at the Farm

Saturday Morning at the Farm

Every morning is fun on the Farm. Just getting everyone fed can be an adventure. Koi first since their p0nd is just outside the porch door. Next, comes the group surround when the dogs circle the golf cart.  Scooter is overseeing the prep from a distance since he has already had breakfast. Mickey is barely visible behind the cart and Mona is waiting like the queen she is for her meal to be delivered.

While the dogs are eating, the donkeys get their feed. This morning they seem more interested in posing for a group shot. I had to be quick because they won’t stay still for long when food is waiting.


Once everyone is fed, the tractor is calling. Spring means the grass grows while I sleep.

Two hours is all I have time for today as Truth Tells, the second book in the Truth Series,  is racing for the finish line. I am fairly certain the puppet master behind the scenes is going to be unmasked today.

Truth Kills


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