Great day yesterday at Downtown Marketplace in Tallahassee. Huge crowd. It was a good thing so many writers, Patricia Zick, George Encizo, Judy Conlin, Susan Womb, Suzan Zan Faith Eldse, Shirley Nott, Ellen Thomas and I were able to share the tent because our books were really popular. It was very crowded but a couple of people were nice enough to scoot over a little to get a photo to share.

It was even more fun because one of our members, Agnes Furey, did I mention she is over 80, repelled down the hotel across the street the day before. The event was for charity & it involved paying to repel 17 stories to the ground below on Friday or Saturday. We took a long shot of the hotel just to show how high 17 floors look from the ground. If you look closely you can see someone clinging to the rope.