Being a writer doesn’t mean my world stops just because I am in the middle of another book. I had to wake up before dawn this morning to get my car to the body shop to repair a ding made during the last servicing. Then it was back home to feed my animals which had given me ‘the look’ when I left before they got their breakfast.

While filling my crowded bird feeders, I swear there is a sign on my roof saying, “Calling all birds. Land here. Free buffet”, I found my irises had bloomed. This is just a small sample of the group. 

Since I had lunch date with friends, I couldn’t resist stopping by Little River Spring on the way home. I called it research since, Archer and Alex from the Live Oak Series are working with a friend who runs a cave diving business. It was so relaxing I had to convince myself to head  home. Archer, Alex, Lucy and Randi were calling.