Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday

Love the beginning of a new week, especially with the tiny nip of autumn in the air. Things are hopping on the farm as we prepare for Florida’s version of winter. Lots of chores to finish before the temperature drops and makes some activities impossible, like pressure cleaning and painting.

I am especially enjoying this October since, the fifth book in the Live Oak Series, Light the Fire, is following the same time line. Usually my stories don’t follow the same seasons I have.

Jennifer and Cody are really enjoying each other. Joe is definitely lurking the background as I figure out whether his escape from custody results in the killing of his guard. Friends are evenly split on that issue.  On top of that problem, the jail break is occurring in the middle of town, in daylight. I have visited area where the escape occurs. This scene is going to be tricky to write because the area around the courthouse is so open and so busy most of the day. Blending reality and fiction is a challenge.

I’m thinking of adding one of our Florida rain storms. Cloudy, sudden drenching rain should cover his flight to the car. I hope. I can’t wait to get to the scene where he takes Jennifer hostage. One thing I can promise, this time Jay the donkey isn’t going to be around to rescue Jennifer. In other words, the donkey didn’t do it.

Happy Monday, everyone. Stay safe and healthy.

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