Early Start Monday

Early Start Monday

I thought I would start this week with a big THANK YOU for the support of all my friends and followers on social media. Retweets, shares, comments, likes and posts help all of us Indie writers promote and share our books. We live in a time where reaching out globally has never been easier and it only takes a few clicks to connect with someone new.


I am enjoying the challenge of self publishing. It has moments of satisfaction and, frequently, frustration since the industry is still in its infancy and all of us are learning through trial and error the most successful ways to increase our readership. I try to keep abreast of what others like me are doing to increase sales. It’s amazing how many books and videos there are about what to do to make your book a best seller. I’ve tried a number of techniques. Some work, some don’t.

One thing that I have learned and found most beneficial is having a great team of people to help me present my books. Jolene MacFadden https://websandblogsforwriters.com/ takes care of my web design, book cover creations and interior graphics.

Erin Jones http://www.erinjonesvo.com/ is the voice of Lacey Dancer for my audio versions of my books and a friend, Shirley is invaluable as a proof reader and all around ear for my various wild ideas when I am working a story.

Thanks Team. All of you do great work and make the publishing aspect of writing a lot of fun as we deal the challenges and frustrations of an ever expanding global market.


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