In The Mood For Intrigue?

In The Mood For Intrigue?

Are You In the Mood for Intrigue?

The Truth Series was born on a Monday morning as I was on the tractor mowing a pasture.

I get a lot of my best ideas doing repetitive work. The mind floats and suddenly I get an idea. In this case, Felicity Ramsey had already made an appearance in Playing with Fire, the Second Book of the Live Oak Series. She appeared in a romance so I sort of expected her to prod me into writing her story.

What I didn’t expect was to discover she was definitely NOT interested in being the lead in a romance. She is an assassin with a mission. She hates guns. She hates lies and she doesn’t believe that the guilty always gets caught.

Riding a noisy tractor, watching birds swoop out of the sky as I make each pass, seeing the donkeys check out the newly mown grass, I suddenly discovered that I was going to be venturing into a genre that presented all sorts of challenges, not the least of which was research.

What did I know about guns, helicopters, private jets, tiger sharks, and underwater crafts? That would be zip.

YouTube entered my life in a big way.

I had no idea about the variety of information that I could find there. Since I am a real fanatic about the accuracy of information when I write, I spent hours checking facts. One video even took me on a flight from the taxi strip to the clouds in the jet Felicity owned. I went rock climbing complete with all the grunts and groans of getting up the cliff. I loved it.

More, I fell for Felicity as a person. She is a realist with a plan. She knows she won’t win the war in which she is engaged but she will help everyone who needs her while she fights. She gathers those who have been warriors, those who no longer can function easily in the civilized world and gives them a home and a purpose.

The Farm is born. Not mine, hers.

Isolated in the mountains of Colorado, Felicity leads her mismatched team of warriors, Jonah who speaks in grunts only she and two others can understand. Taranda, scarred, one of the victims Felicity rescues, who believes the skies are her personal racetrack. Cam, the man who fronts her public arm of the Farm and helps her train others in the security field.

In Book One, Truth Kills, Felicity was very definite about not being a lead in a romance.

I was equally determined that she wouldn’t be traveling her road alone. I won. After all, I am the one with the laptop and the power cord. However, Felicity was very stubborn about the man I was creating for her. He is as committed as she is and just as much a realist.

Ace Faulker knows how to get his woman and keep her, his way and hers while dodging sharks and bullets.

In Book Two, Truth Kills, Felicity and Ace face death together to rescue three hostages.

Taranda makes her first appearance in a chilling race across the sky to meet Felicity. Cam is dying in spite of the team’s best efforts to stabilize him. There is no time and too many miles between the extraction point and home and the medical help Cam needs. Taranda is redlining the helo heading back while Felicity is ripping through the clouds in her jet with a doctor on board to meet Taranda halfway.

Mia, the newest team member, is manning the comp units, hearing every word of the life and death race. Cam is dying.

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