Fourth of July Weekend

Fourth of July Weekend

Small Town With A Big Heart

There are so many ways, traditional and new, to celebrate this Fourth of July Weekend. This year, thanks to a wonderful lady with a great idea, we are placing markers on the grounds of our courthouse to pay tribute to our servicemen and women. Having heard about the idea from a friend of a friend, I contacted Avonya only about a week ago. Despite the short notice, she was able to create a marker for my husband who served during the Vietnam War and one for my father who was on Iwo Jima during World War II.

Friday, I was on my way home and decided to swing by the Live Oak courthouse to see if the markers were set out as yet. I had been dodging rain and storms all day but, beneath cloudy skies, there was Avonya setting my father and my husband’s markers as well a friend of mine who had ordered a marker for her husband at the same time.

I am especially proud of our community for deciding to honor our veterans this way. The heart and the courage of our veterans, those men and women, even those not officially in uniform, centuries ago who helped create the country we call home and all the men and women who stand for us now are important to remember. We already have one town, Branford, in our county lining the main roads with markers as far as the eye can see. It is truly an awe inspiring sight espcially when the flags start waving in the breeze.


So, while we are all celebrating the Fourth with picnics and fireworks, we can remember and honor all those who made this holiday possible. Hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday.


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