What Does a Writer Do When She Isn’t Writing?

What Does a Writer Do When She Isn’t Writing?

In this writer’s case, I should also add when I am not driving a tractor trying to keep up with mowing my hay fields which is what some people would call grass.  Around here, the darn stuff grows a foot a night.

Anyway, to answer the question, at least for this month, I am helping a friend turn her lovely office into a library/office. That involves a lot of planning. Since she really liked my office/library, deciding what to put where was easier than it could have been. Right now, the contractor she hired is doing the few things we can’t do, things like adding overhead fans and changing a single door to a French door.

We are building book shelves in my shop. Did I mention I love tools? I can truthfully say that is all my grandfather, father and husband’s fault. She’s handy too.

We need four book shelves, each eight feet tall. That involved a lot of trips to stores for supplies because no one place had everything we needed. We still don’t have all the wood but we did find enough to build three of the four units.  Here is unit two in the assembly stage.

The next photo is the first unit completely constructed. It still has to have the finish work done. Hole patching and sanding are next as soon as we finish cases, two and three. Hopefully, both will be done by the end of today. Fingers crossed on that idea.

When everything is done and attached to the walls of her new library, the final look will be close to what I have. There are two more units on this wall and I am almost out of room with my collection of books.

She wasn’t sure the shelves would be big enough to hold all her books but after seeing just the first one assembled, she is wondering if she has enough books to fill the rest. I reminded her that she could always buy more. What reader stops collecting books?

The sun is up, so it is time for us to get busy. We have animals to feed and then back to the shop to work on the fun stuff. I will post about the finish of her library in a few weeks. I hope the contractor works fast because we are already planning a library warming party with pizza and friends.

Happy Friday, everyone. Hope, wherever you are, you are having as much fun as we are!

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