The Value of Subscribing and Sharing

The Value of Subscribing and Sharing

I wanted to take today to thank all of my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Every time you retweet, post, or share, you are helping me connect with readers and other authors. Each contact helps create a network of information that is invaluable in so many ways.

It is such a simple thing to look for the share button on a Facebook post and share an author’s book release or a reader’s review. I hunt for share buttons as though they are gold.

Retweeting on Twitter, especially with hashtags, are a great way to connect with other writers and readers. I have been having such fun with all of you. Yesterday morning, while the fringes of a tropical storm were pouring rain, I met a writer from Australian via a tweet. He invited me to his blog to view his short story. Loved it. I couldn’t wait to tweet my reaction and subscribe to his blog.

The same is true of youtube. If I see a video offered on Facebook or Twitter, I have to take look. If I like the video or I think it might appeal to those in my network, that share button gets a tap. I really enjoy subscribing as well. I have found so much information on youtube. The videos are amazing and give me so many ideas.

Blogs are also one of my favorite pastimes. I found three today that intrigued me. Again, a few clicks and I have new friends in my network.

Last but by no means least, reviews open the door to new readers. Having a reader take the time to write a review is a cause for celebration for this writer. Especially, now when so much is going on around us. Posting reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, BookBub, or on the writer’s blog is wonderful.

From Goodreads  Jennifer K.  Review on Playing with Fire,  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Lucy is a big city girl trying to love a small town and there is plenty of laughs out loud moments. With Alex’s help, they find the perfect compromise. The sexy steam gets a little more steamy with some hot cowboys thrown in! I just loved this second book in the series and can’t wait for more!


So thanks, to all my friends, new and old. You add so much to my writing life every time you share a tweet, a post, a video or write a review. I enjoy cruising through your posts, tweets, blogs and videos, leaving comments, posts, tweets and sharing. I love being part of the network of the writing community.

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