Yesterday, around sundown, I was walking out to check the animals before calling it a day. I was just in time to catch a herd of ten deer gliding out the pines trees on the back twenty acres. Try racing into the house to grab a camera without making any noise! I managed it but the flash from the camera spooked them a little so getting any closer wasn’t possible.

I’m positive they knew I had just sown some wildflower seed in the meadow. The herd is definitely increasing. I only had about five deer last year. I’m really enjoying watching the group grow as long as they don’t start munching on my rose bushes again. Of course, I am bribing them with bird seed at the moment.

I have a feeling the race for the camera is going to end up in a scene in one of the upcoming books for the Live Oak Series. The joys of living on a farm, from city to country can be a lot of fun in the oddest places.