Strike the Fire — Book Three of the Live Oak Series

Strike the Fire — Book Three of the Live Oak Series

Delighted to announce that Strike the FireĀ Book Three of the Live Oak Series is now available on Amazon in paperback and E book format.

I love writing a series and this one has really taken on a life of its own. In Book Three you will meet Lydia North and Max Greene who are committed to helping Archer Channing (Book One) and Alex Weston (Book Two) bring progress and a new economy to their agricultural region while still keeping the heritage and history alive and well.

When Lydia and Max meet, neither wants nor needs anyone. The project is enough of a challenge. Or so they think.

Archer and Randi have a few surprises to add to the story. Not to be outdone, Lucy and Alex add their own unexpected news.

Two hurricanes, a bomb and a daring rescue just create more excitement.

Of course, RJ and Nancy just keep popping up in all three books so their story will be next.

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