New Look for Live Oak Series

New Look for Live Oak Series

One of the challenges of self publishing is finding skill and talent for the various tasks related to publishing a book. Covers and interiors are critical for obvious reasons. The cover is the first look that the reader has for your book. The  short text preview on the back cover adds to the cover but it doesn’t take the place of it.

Covers become even more important in a series presentation of a number of books. It is important that the cover speaks to the text of the book but also to the series itself. This usually means a theme of some sort. The Live Oak Series is named for the town in which most of the action takes place. However, there is the added theme of the Fire in each title.

As I created the series, I was still developing the process of self publishing. That process will continue to evolve even as the industry itself evolves. Fortunately, I have assembled a wonderful team now and we are bringing together all the elements to create a more cohesive look.

The covers of the Live Oak Series have gotten a complete overhaul, front, back and font. Three different artist are responsible for the the first covers. As you can see, the results are very different in the finished products.

This second photo shows the new versions which are now available on all the formats, Amazon, Kindle and audio. While each cover is different, the elements in them are much more related to each other.

Also, you will notice that my owl, a favorite talisman, is now on the spine of each book. 

Our newest member of the team, Christine created this logo for me and it now appears on my facebook page, twitter and here as well.


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