With most of us in some kind of quarantine, it has been more of an adventure in self publishing than usual. ACX has changed a bit of the procedure for the production of audio books and the process is taking a little longer from start to finish. However, the support from the company is great so Playing with Fire, the second book in the Live Oak Series will be available soon. The read is complete. I am just waiting for the final review and approval.

Strike the Fire, the third book in the Live Oak Series, is now with Erin, my favorite narrator/voice actor. She started the reading this morning. I really enjoy this part of the process. Hearing the first chapters of each new book is very different from reading the same words. The emotional spin that Erin puts on the individual characters brings the books to life in a new way. It also has challenged me to put more emphasis on various character traits and behaviors. I can’t wait to see what Erin brings to Lydia and Max as Strike the Fire unfolds.