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Fun Weekend Ahead

Delighted to join friends & authors for the first Support Your Local Authors in Chiefland Fl this weekend. A hub of activity for the area, Chiefland Flea Market is hosting the event which will include presentations by the authors. With the holidays just around the corner, autographed books make great …

Word of South

Spring is a favorite season because it means the beginning of my traveling with my books. Starting off the year with the Word of South Festival in Tallahassee, Fl. Our capitol is a beautiful city with trees and green space throughout the downtown area so it is a wonderful venue …

New review for Chase the Fire 5 Stars

5 Star rating on Goodreads

Best book this year

This was a good read and a very different feel than the other books I’ve read by Lacey Dancer. I hope they put more of her books on Kindle soon.

This was a delightful surprise last night. I really appreciate my readers who take the time out of their busy schedules to review my books. I love the feedback.

Thanks, Sherry