Truth Kills

Truth Kills


She is a woman with no identity and many names. She is a warrior, skilled in arts that the civilized world has forgotten or thinks it no longer needs. She hates to cause pain but she kills.

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Truth Kills is the first book in the Truth Series written by Lacey Dancer and published in 2019.

Felicity Ramsey felt the unknown hunter closing in. She didn’t know who he was, whose orders he followed. She didn’t know if that man was the mastermind of the hunt for a dead woman that neither man had any reason to believe still lived. The computer programs she had designed offered no answers. Only her lethally honed instincts told her that all that she had created was at risk.

Skye Farm and Skye/Sea existed in the sunlight, not in her shadow world. They and those who called both home and haven must be protected. It was time to go hunting but first, she had to deal with the twenty trainees who had come to the Farm for specialized instruction in covert ops, tactics, and weapons. Her classes were expensive and the screening of those who wished to attend was stringent. She had no desire to burp baby terrorists.

One trainee, Mia, caught her eye. The two-week course proved that the young woman was worth the extra training Felicity had offered. A routine monitoring of outside contacts of the trainees and the mention of a name from the past gave Felicity the lead she sought to the hunter she sensed.

The hunter had a name. Ace Faulkner.

The man who gave the orders raised a red flag. Chasing a dead woman made no sense. What was hiding in the shadows? More importantly. Who?

Felicity knew it was time to hunt. The safety of Skye Farm and the world she had created was at stake.
Ace had no leads on the dead woman he sought. The assignment made no sense and the man who had given it to him was not someone he respected. He was chasing shadows.

A message was ordered to be sent to Ace in the form of a savage beating of Mia, his one-time lover.
Felicity arrived too late to stop the attack but not too late to kill the four-man team. A sound at the front door. Gun drawn, she turned, ready to protect, to kill.

Ace came in fast, his gun ready. “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you where you stand,” he demanded, his eyes on Mia’s battered body. Four other bodies decorated his living room floor. There was blood everywhere.

“Mia needs help.”

He had a choice. He could believe she was there to help or she had been a party to the beating. The four dead bodies made the first choice the most likely explanation. “You first.” He nodded toward her gun.

Felicity didn’t hesitate. She tucked the Beretta in the holster at the small of her back. If she had to, she could kill him later if necessary.

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