Now Available on Walmart

Now Available on Walmart

Now Available in Walmart

I am delighted to share that selected titles of Lacey Dancer books are now available on Walmart Online. What a lovely surprise I got when a reader emailed me to share the news. Not all titles are available as yet so I am including the links for those that are.

Truth Series

Both books of the Truth Series, Truth Kills, Book One  

I am very excited about having this series in Walmart since it is my first venture into this action/adventure genre.

Felicity may have been born in a romance book but she definitely is firmly rooted in her world of lies, deceptions, and death. She and her team are very determined to step into the dark world of violence and pain to rescue those who need their help.

Truth Tells, book Two

Now Available in Walmart

Felicity, Ace, and her team to the rescue. Three hostages out of the country with no governmental help insight. Bullets fly, betrayal, and a race through the clouds to save Cam’s life are just part of Felicity’s mission. No one betrays her team. No one!

Live Oak Series is also available

Catch the Fire, Book Four in the Live Oak Series, the most recent release in the Live Oak Series is the only title in the series that is available at this time.

Now Available in Walmart

As Honey would say “Really! For me!”

As a self-published writer, I am delighted to see that self-published books are moving deeper into the retail world. With so many great writers with wonderful stories to tell, it is a major step forward for us as a community of artists. It’s especially rewarding to realize that all the work we do, not just in creating our books but promoting them, does matter, does yield results.

It is also wonderful to have readers and fans who take time out of their busy lives to contact us with updates. As much time as I spend in the cyber world, I don’t see everything all the time. Plus, I love surprises! Especially when I am up before dawn, posting on my Blog.

If you have any questions or just want to chat about writing, please use my contact form to leave a message. I love hearing from all of you and I answer all comments personally. 

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